I am a Woodworker, Maker and Graphic Designer living in Central Victoria, AUS.

I love a glass of single malt whisky, white linen and dependable baristas. You can find me at a dog park plotting (hypothetically of course) on how to kidnap your pooch or late night peanut butter indulging in the pantry with the beau. Oh, and Shavasana is my jam. 

– Photos by Marnie Hawson for Country Style Magazine

Erin Malloy, melbourne woodworker and maker | for Country Style magazine


Everything here is handmade by me, Erin Malloy. That means no scifi-esque movie robots touched a thing in its wondrous process. By celebrating traditional skills and materials, it means that none are exactly the same or perfect, and will vary in colour, form, shape and texture. 


I prefer the things I wear and use, you know, that directly touch my skin, to be free from nasty chemicals and materials. I’m also environmentally conscious – I mean, the planet earth’s pretty great. When I say ‘sustainable’, I’m not just referring to ‘natural’, either. Where possible, I use recycled and reused metals and timber, but also source my own precious and semi-precious stones (yep, with my own two hands) so you can pin-point EXACTLY where they come from.


You like to shop at your local grocer because you know it’s supporting the little, good guys, right? More money is kept in the community as locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses. Therefore, spending your money at local businesses supports other local business which in turn sustains the local economy. It’s a pretty cool cycle. 


When your mates compliment you on the piece you bought from my store (which I’m sure they will), you’ll be able to tell them that you can trace it from the maker (that’s me) right down to the raw materials. That’s it. No funny buggers or third-parties trying to get a cut of your money. Just me and you, baby.